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      CHEERSSON was established in March 2012 in Xuguan Industrial Park, Suzhou High-tech Zone. In March 2020, the company was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock abbreviation is CHEERSSON and the stock code is 002976.

      The company is positioned in precision intelligent manufacturing, is a specialized precision enterprise in the field of automotive, mobile communication, new energy, etc. The main business is the research and development, manufacturing and sales of precision moulds, precision structural parts and automotive air suspension systems, mobile communication equipment for products in the aforementioned fields. The company now has more than 10 holding companies and production bases in Suzhou High-tech Zone, Suzhou Industrial Park, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, Querétaro, Mexico and Coventry, UK, with business covering countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America. By focusing on digital transformation, "5G+industrial internet" to help upgrade the industry, creating advanced intelligent manufacturing model, achieving the goal of lean management and intelligent manufacturing, the company is committed to become an excellent manufacturer of components and system products in the global industrial field, forging the " CHEERSSON®" as the representative of global industrial professional brand.

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      Application field

      Cheersson’s production technology is suited to the evolving trends among the automotive industry. We have experience and achievements in manufacturing parts for In-Vehicle Infotainment, Powertrain, Automotive Electronics, System Safety, Power Steering, a

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      Our experience in fasteners and telecommunication structural parts and components enables us to develop and produce core parts of telecommunication equipment. We also invest in the development and deployment of precision welding, automated assembly, and

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      Electrical Equipment

      We provide components, fasteners, and other metal parts for various industrial and home electrical equipment.

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      Consumer Electronics

      Our team of seasoned technical and marketing experts in ceramic products are devoted to the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of functional and structural ceramic components for consumer electronics.

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      News hotspot


      Love Ignites Dreams, Charity Warms Campus, Cheersson Boosts up the hope of the future with great love


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      Xiaomin Chen, chairman and general manager of Cheersson, won the honor of "Ten New Suzhou entrepreneurs" in the field of private economy


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      Virtue is not lonely, there must be neighbors, in the charity to show the responsibility of Cheersson


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      Practice social responsibility Cheersson to assist Henan province


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      Cheersson: the products directly supplied core components won the title of "World's Top ten Transmission"


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      The product of "SAIC 280 Dual Clutch Transmission Project", which is directly supplied with core parts, won the title of "World top ten Transmission"


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      Use Your Talent and Innovation to Drive Infinite Possibilities!
      Use Your Persistence and Efforts to Write New Career Chapter!

      Contact information

      Add:No. 28, Huchen Road, Huguan Industrial Park,
      High-tech Zone, Suzhou, China



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